How do i get a CSCS qualification?

  • How do i get a CSCS qualification? Applicants must hold a nationally recognized construction-related qualification in order to qualify for a skilled level CSCS card. You can use the CSCS Card Finder to check whether CSCS accepts your qualification. If your qualification appears, select “search by qualification” and type it in.
  • This Part is where we come in. There are no courses or qualifications provided by CSCS, so if you need a qualification, you will need to find a college or training provider that delivers the qualification you require. That’s what we are here for! Call or email to sort this out.
  • It is a common misconception that CSCS only accepts NVQs as proof of qualification. There is a wide range of qualifications that CSCS accepts, which you can find by clicking here.
  • CSCS can issue you a temporary card if you do not have a recognised qualification. You must be enrolled in the relevant qualification for your occupation before a temporary card can be issued. The card you receive will not be renewable, but it will be valid until you have completed your training. CSCS skilled cards can then be applied for.

    Can i do cscs test online?

  • CSCS tests can be booked online or by telephone. PGL Midlands should be able to schedule your appointment within two weeks. Call 0121 240 0375 for more information.

    How do I know which CSCS card I need?

  • If you wish to obtain a CSCS card, you must demonstrate that you possess the necessary construction-related training and qualifications. For more information on which card you need to apply for and which type of CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test to take, visit the CSCS online card finder.

    What cscs card does a labourer need?

  • CSCS labourer cards, commonly known as the green cards, are required for the role of labourer. Employers, supervisors, and managers can see on these cards that you have completed the necessary training and possess the necessary knowledge.

    Which CSCS card is best?

  • The PQP card is the highest level of CSCS certification, but there are a number of other courses that will help managers understand and apply safety regulations and standards.

    How do i get a CSCS qualification?Are there different types of CSCS cards?

  • There are 12 different types of CSCS cards. There are basic health and safety qualifications you will need to apply for one, which we will come to later. In addition, certain cards also require other qualifications or proof of experience. How do i get a CSCS qualification?

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