Health and safety training refers to the education and awareness-raising activities undertaken by employers, contractors and employees to ensure health and safety in the workplace.

Statutory health and safety training is defined as any health and safety training that is required by law. It is a legal requirement for all employers to provide health and safety training to their employees, as well as any new or expectant mothers. This type of training helps to ensure that employees are aware of the potential hazards in their work environment and know how to protect themselves from these hazards.

To begin with, you must protect your employees as far as reasonably practicable. Although the law does not specify what level of protection is required, you should provide adequate levels of protection and training for the activities they perform and the environments in which they work.

There are a variety of health and safety hazards that employees may be exposed to in the workplace. Some of these hazards include:

  • slips, trips and falls
  • exposure to harmful substances
  • manual handling injuries
  • musculoskeletal disorders
  • work-related stress

Statutory health and safety training help employees identify these hazards and take steps to protect themselves from them. This type of training is typically delivered by health and safety professionals who are qualified to do so.

Why is health and safety training important?

health and safety training

Health and safety training is important because it can help to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace. Employees who are properly trained in health and safety are more likely to be able to identify potential hazards and take steps to avoid them. This, in turn, can help to reduce the number of accidents and injuries that occur in the workplace.

Providing health and safety training and personal protective equipment is important for employees who work daily on construction sites or engage in high-risk activities. This is not just about the legalities, but it is also good for the business.

Health and safety training is also vital since it can help to improve employee morale. Employees who feel safe and secure in their work environment are more likely to be productive and engaged in their work. This, in turn, can lead to improved business outcomes for employers.

Your staff will know that you value and care for them. Nobody wants to go to work and feel unsafe or undervalued. Those who feel that way are more apt to leave. A high turnover of staff because your sites are unsafe is not a reputation you want to have.

Additionally, an unsafe working environment can result in an increase in work injuries, meaning staff must take time off to recover. And, of course, legal and/or civil proceedings can result from an increase in work-related accidents and injuries, which can wreck businesses and lives.

What are the benefits of health and safety training?

There are many positives to providing health and safety training, both for employees and employers.

Some of the most notable benefits of health and safety training include:

  • improved employee morale
  • reduced accidents and injuries
  • improved productivity
  • increased compliance with health and safety laws
  • reduced legal and/or civil proceedings
  • improved reputation

Make sure you comply with the law and provide health and safety training to your employees as it is not only the law, but it is also good for your business. Do not wait until an accident or injury occurs to provide this type of training. By then, it may be too late.

Do what is best for your business and invest in health and safety training!

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