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What is SMSTS?

If you wish to enhance your skills and knowledge when it comes to managing health and safety on construction sites, an SMSTS course is a great place to start. The focus of this blog is on what this training entails and who will benefit from it.

What does SMSTS course involve?

CITB SMSTS courses are 5-day courses that cover many of the skills and knowledge necessary for site managers to do their jobs well. Examples include:

  • Understanding the legislation relevant to their position
  • Developing effective communication techniques on site
  • How to establish a culture of health and safety on the job site and understand their health and safety responsibilities
  • Defining new guidance and best industry practices

To become an effective site manager, you must master all of these areas. You will gain knowledge on this course that will help you become more efficient in your job and create a safer work environment for your employees.

What does SMSTS stand for?
  • SMSTS stands for Site Management Safety Training Scheme. The qualification was created by CITB to set a clear industry-wide standard for construction site health and safety management.
  • It is designed to provide knowledge and skills that are relevant to those who are currently working as construction site managers or who are about to do so. You will be able to do your job more effectively, efficiently and safely if you have completed an SMSTS course and are responsible for planning, organizing, monitoring, controlling, or administering groups of workers on a construction site.
  • CITB offers Site Safety Plus (SSP) courses, which provide key training for a range of jobs in the construction, building, and civil engineering industries. In order to establish effective health and safety practices at your workplace, you may need to complete the relevant SSP courses for your position.
What level qualification is SMSTS?
  • SMSTS training isn’t equivalent to a specific level of training. Many workplaces require their site managers to have completed this training, but it is not a requirement by law.
  • The goal of this training is to develop the skills of site managers and prepare them for the role. Before completing an NVQ to obtain their CSCS black manager’s card, it can serve as a terrific introduction.
What is a SMSTS Certificate?
  • You will receive a SMSTS certificate that is valid for five years after completing the course. You will be able to show employers that you completed the course and are familiar with your duties as a site manager.
  • Once your original certificate expires, you will need to take the CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme – Refresher course to keep your qualification. The refresher courses are designed for those who have already completed their SMSTS training, but need their knowledge updated with any recent industry developments.
  • In order to remain qualified, you must complete a refresher course before the expiry of your original certificate. Otherwise, you must retake the whole SMSTS program. The CSCS online card checker lets you keep track of your qualifications to ensure you don’t miss your expiration date.
Is SMSTS hard to pass?
  • You shouldn’t have any problem passing the SMSTS course if you attend all the days and engage in the training.
  • You will be required to sit a written exam at the end of your fifth day of instruction. This examination will consist of 25 questions (18 multiple-choice and 7 short written answers). It will last 35 minutes and a passing score is 81%.
  • It is important that learners actively participate during the course and provide examples from their own experience to benefit themselves and other learners.  By doing this, the participants will be able to understand all the knowledge that will be required for the questions on their tests.
  • We will use a multi-model delivery approach to support the varying learning styles and use a variety of formative and summative assessments to confirm the understanding of key aspects of the course. Our SMSTS tutors all have practical experience working in the construction industry, so they can relate to your situation and give you the best help.
What CSCS card can I get with SMSTS?
  • CSCS cards are not issued on the basis of SMSTS qualifications alone. If you wish to get a CSCS card, you will need to complete a relevant NVQ of a high enough level for the card you are applying for.
  • The role of site manager requires the CSCS Black Manager Card. In this case, you’ll need to complete an NVQ at level 6 or 7 in your related field . You can obtain the CSCS Black Card by completing a range of NVQs at PGL Midlands.
Can I do SMSTS online?
  • Yes, you can! Additionally to providing SMSTS training in person, PGL also offers this course by video conference.
  • We offer our SMSTS online course using the video conferencing software Zoom, which includes the same information as a face-to-face course. Trainers and learners can interact with this software, allowing them to design engaging learning sessions. It is free and easy to use.
What is better SMSTS or SSSTS?
  • In addition to SMSTS, you could also look into the CITB Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS). SSSTS focuses more on the requirements of supervisors than managers, although both courses cover many of the same topics and skills.
  • In the end, it will be up to you and your employer to decide which of these courses would suit your needs. In those without managerial responsibilities, the SMSTS course may be unnecessary since it offers more advanced and detailed knowledge.
  • In the same way as SMSTS, SSSTS certificates are valid for 5 years, at which point a CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme – Refresher must be completed.

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