Our Top 15 Training Hints and Tips for Businesses in 2024

In business, the only constant is change. As we enter 2024, the significance of training and development in fostering resilient, agile, and high-performing teams has never been more evident. However, with costs continually rising, it’s important to manage your budget effectively while remaining compliant. In this blog, we will explore key hints and tips to guide your business’s training initiatives toward success in the ever-evolving business environment.

#1 Manage the Matrix

A training matrix enables organisations to strategically plan for future skills and competencies required in their workforce. By identifying training needs in advance, businesses can align training programs with long-term goals and objectives. But, you can also budget in advance for costs associated with training more effectively!

How can we assist you?

Our dedicated team is poised to alleviate your challenges with a wealth of experience spanning various industries. We specialise in forecasting, evaluating, and cost-pricing future training requirements, ensuring seamless alignment with your competency framework and the necessary qualifications.

#2 Credible Training Providers

You’ve heard of the saying, measure twice cut once right?. Checking the credibility of your provider is key to ensuring the training is valid, accountable and up to date with current legislation, best practice and teaching techniques. Look for accreditations, reviews and word of mouth. And remember, to cheap generally means, to little!


Can you really beat a face to face? Sure, lots of providers have great, innovative websites and seem to have it all covered. And some do, and are terrific. But, others may not be. So, unless using a brokering service, arrange a meeting and probe their business model, experience and ethics and ensure they match yours.

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#3 Maximise The Spaces

All too often, courses are booked that can hold and qualify up to 12, 15, or even 20 people. But all too often, the attendance when we arrive on the course is half that figure. That’s like paying to watch a football match and leaving at half time?! Of course, we appreciate last minute changes and other business needs come first, but have a look at our advice below to minimise it, where possible:

Our Advice!

Forecast in advance to minimise this, or even collaborate with other likeminded businesses in your area, or supply chain, to offset costs. Of course, open courses are great for individual attendance and may be an option too.

#4 Bespoke Courses – Save Wonga

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all training. In 2024, tailor your training programs to the individual needs and learning styles of your employees and the business. Personalised learning paths, adaptive content, and microlearning modules allow employees to absorb information at their own pace, increasing engagement and knowledge retention.

How can we help you?

PGL are known for their bespoke course capability. We can design, build and deliver a full cradle to the grave bespoke course or package that qualifies, informs and inspires your staff but, may save you money and time by adapting relevant content to you. Don’t take our word for it, see attached to this blog a comprehensive case study testimonial provided by one of our clients.

#5 Prioritise Soft Skills Development

The workplace of 2024 places a premium on soft skills. While technical expertise is crucial, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and adaptability are becoming increasingly valuable. Incorporate training modules that focus on leadership, communication, and collaboration to empower your workforce with the well-rounded skills needed to thrive in a collaborative and diverse environment.

How can we help?

There are lots of avenues for soft skills development, advice and support.

PGL offer various soft skills options, accredited or in-house, designed to enable development in these areas. These can include NVQ’s in Businesses Administration, Customer Service or, alternatively, self-led study on our eLearning platform with over 100+ courses to choose from. Discounts apply for businesses who require more than one eLearning course – just ask. All E-Learning Courses – PGL Midlands | Your Health & Safety Training Provider Birmingham – The Midlands

#6 Encourage Continuous Learning and Information Retention

The concept of learning as a one-time event is outdated. In 2024, foster a culture of continuous learning within your organisation. Implement platforms that provide on-demand learning resources, webinars, and access to relevant industry insights. This not only keeps employees updated on the latest trends but also instills a mindset of curiosity and self-improvement.

How can we help?

By conducting a training needs analysis, we can identify continuous learning patterns, trailblazers, and progression routes for staff. We routinely hold webinars on training and other relevant topics. We also promote a range of resources on our social media channels – you can follow these here:


#7 Diversity and Inclusion Training

Promoting diversity and inclusion is not just a societal imperative but also a strategic advantage for businesses. Develop training programs that foster an inclusive workplace, emphasising the importance of diverse perspectives. Sensitivity training, bias recognition, and cultural competency courses contribute to creating a workplace that is not only diverse but also genuinely inclusive.


There are many external resources and support for Fairness, Inclusion and Respect programs (F.I.R) in the UK. What is the Fairness, Inclusion & Respect Program? | Go Construct. For some additional training such as Equality, take a look at our eLearning courses at Equality, Diversity and Discrimination – PGL Midlands | Your Health & Safety Training Provider Birmingham – The Midlands

#8 Funding

The Skills and Training Fund Grant offered by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) stands as a pivotal resource for the construction industry. This grant is designed to enable employers to develop the skills of their workforce. It serves as a catalyst for training initiatives, allowing businesses to enhance the proficiency and adaptability of their employees. By securing the CITB Skills and Training Fund Grant, companies in the construction sector gain the financial means to invest in bespoke training programs, ensuring that their teams are equipped with the latest industry knowledge and qualifications. However, other funding avenues exist including AEB and skills bootcamps.

How can we help?

Our expert team of advisors can support you with your application from start to finish and attain funding ranging from £2,500 to £50,000, with minimum hassle to you but maximum results for your business and staff. Fill out our form and our advisor will contact you and get the ball rolling:

And don’t forget, grant rates for NVQs have been increased and if you have already used the CITB Skills and Training Fund already, you can apply for a 2nd even in the same year

Request a CITB Skills Training Fund Meeting:

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#9 Freebies

The training sector is awash with free training, that is useful and can underpin previous training and continued professional development. These are typically ‘off the shelf’ courses and learner led, but they are still a great avenue to research and a viable addition to your annual training program.


CITB offer free courses in Fire and Temporary Works: CITB eCourses – Online Training For Construction.

Other business support courses such as safeguarding, marketing and GDPR etc.. can be found at Browse Free Online Courses – FutureLearn.

#10 Short Course Grants

CITB Short Course Grants are financial incentives provided by CITB to encourage and support construction companies in delivering specific short courses to enhance the skills and knowledge of their workforce. These short courses are typically focused on specific skills or safety training relevant to the construction industry. Grants range from £60 per person to as much as 240 per person, per course.

How can we help you?

As an ATO, PGL can support and claim short course grants to offset a variety of training costs. Not only do we provide you a report, all tiers and grants are on our course overviews and our expert team are always on hand to give you the most training for the most competitive pricing and return on investment. Not a levy payer? Why not explore the options – ask us and we’ll arrange a meeting for you with our specialist CITB advisor. See Example One for an idea on how these grants can reduce training burden costs:

Example One: 6 people require training in cable avoidance. (Selling price for demonstration only)

• Total Course Cost: £500 to train 6 people
• Rate & Tier: Tier one at £60 per person
• Short Course Grant Claimable: £360 for 6 people
• Actual Cost of Training: £140, costing approx. £23 per head.

#11 Data-Driven Decision-Making

Data analytics is no longer confined to sales and marketing. In the scope of training, use data-driven insights to assess the effectiveness of your programs. Analyse completion rates and employee feedback to identify areas of improvement and make informed decisions about future training initiatives.


Expect all providers to evaluate their course delivery and gauge learner experience. But, it’s always worth devising an internal gap analysis to identify tangible results. Mind tools provide a decent overview Gap Analysis – Reaching Your Ideal Future State (mindtools.com)

#12 Leadership Development

Investing in leadership development is an investment in the future success of your business. In 2024, identify high-potential employees and provide them with targeted leadership training. Leadership development programs should focus not only on management skills but also on fostering a strategic vision and the ability to navigate ambiguity and change.

How can we help?

Theres an abundance of resources for L&M, including professional memberships such as

Membership Grades | The Institute of Leadership
CMI Membership | Join the Professional Body for Managers – CMI

PGL can support varying L&M programs, including CITB approved courses.

#13. Remote Training or Classroom

The rise of remote work is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. If your workforce is distributed, tailor your training programs to accommodate remote learning. Leverage video conferencing, online collaboration tools, and e-learning platforms to ensure that remote employees have equal access to training resources. But, there’s just something about classroom training that you can’t replace, as much as people say you can. Social face to face interaction is great not just for the experience but for social networking and personal wellbeing.


For a useful guide, visit our recent blog on classroom vs online training eLearning or Classroom Training? The pros & cons – PGL Midlands.

#14 Mental Health and Well-being

The well-being of employees is paramount. In 2024, consider incorporating training modules that address mental health, stress management, and work-life balance. Creating a supportive workplace culture includes providing resources and training that prioritise the holistic well-being of your team. A healthy mind is a happy mind!

How can we help?

Free literature, training and support can be provided by so many organisations, so here are our recommendations:

Of course, PGL Midlands is a respected provider of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention courses. Visit our course calendar for the latest courses: Training Calendar – PGL Midlands | Your Health & Safety Training Provider Birmingham – The Midlandsx

#15 Well….

if you’re not convinced after the 14 reasons contained within this blog why you should choose PGL Midlands for all of your training and assessment needs, why not book a meeting, either in person, or virtually with a member of our team so we can understand your training needs, offer solutions and start our journey providing you with hassle free, quality and training competence.

Advice – Easy one this, don’t hesitate to reach out 😊


As we embark on the journey that is 2024, the importance of strategic and innovative training initiatives cannot be overstated. Remember, the investment in training is an investment in the future of your business.

Case Study one – Provider and author: D. Mee

In the world of construction and development, working around buried services is a critical yet often challenging aspect of any project. One wrong move can lead to significant disruptions, safety hazards, and costly delays. Recognising the paramount importance of equipping professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge, our team recently had the opportunity to partake in a bespoke training course crafted for us and conducted by PGL Training.

Understanding the Need

Before delving into the intricacies of the training program, it’s essential to highlight the context and the precise requirements that led us to seek such specialised training. In our line of work, dealing with buried services—such as pipelines, cables, and other underground utilities—is a common occurrence. The potential risks and complications associated with this aspect necessitated a tailored approach to training that aligned perfectly with our operational demands.

Tailored to Perfection

Enter PGL Training—a reputed organisation known for its expertise in delivering bespoke courses to meet specific industry needs. From the initial consultation phase to the delivery of the course, their approach was marked by a keen understanding of our requirements.

Customised Curriculum

The standout feature of the course was its tailored curriculum. Recognising the diversity in our team’s roles and responsibilities, PGL Training meticulously crafted a syllabus that catered to everyone’s needs. The sessions covered a broad spectrum of topics, including:

  • Identification and interpretation of service plans and utility maps
  • Risk assessment and safety protocols when working around buried services
  • Practical demonstrations and exercises for hands-on learning
  • Case studies and real-life scenarios for comprehensive understanding

Impeccable Coordination and Delivery

PGL Training’s commitment to excellence was evident not only in the content but also in the flawless coordination and delivery of the course.

Expert Facilitation

The trainers brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Their ability to elucidate complex concepts in a clear and engaging manner resonated well with all participants. They fostered an interactive environment that encouraged active participation and facilitated a robust exchange of ideas and best practices.

Real-world Application

One of the highlights was the emphasis on practical application. The trainers seamlessly integrated theoretical knowledge with hands-on exercises. This approach allowed us to simulate real-world scenarios, honing our skills in identifying, assessing, and working around buried services in a controlled environment.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Moreover, PGL Training exhibited commendable flexibility throughout the course. They adeptly adjusted the pace and depth of the sessions based on the participants’ comprehension levels, ensuring that no one was left behind and that everyone gained maximum value from the training.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the bespoke ‘Working Around Buried Services’ course orchestrated by PGL Training stands as a shining example of a training program perfectly tailored to our needs. From the customisation of the curriculum to the impeccable delivery and real-world applicability, every facet of the course was meticulously crafted to elevate our team’s competency in this critical domain.

As we forge ahead with newfound confidence and expertise, we extend our gratitude to PGL Training for their unwavering commitment to delivering excellence tailored precisely to our requirements. This experience serves as a testament to the immense value that bespoke training can add to any organisation seeking to excel in their field.

Working around buried services is now a more navigable terrain for our team, thanks to the precision and expertise delivered by PGL Training.

Date of Testimonial: 09/01/2024

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Author: D O’neill | Position: Ops Director | Date: 09/01/2024