The Advantages of On Site Health Safety Training

The Pros & Cons of Classroom Training and eLearning

How do health and safety courses online work? 

Health and Safety training is and should be accessible to all delegates, whether this is as part of a business requirement or for self-development and one of the more popular ways of learning is through either e-learning or by online tutor led courses. The main difference between the two is that eLearning is self-led and available at any time whereas tutor led learning is typically a structured course delivered live via a remote platform such as Teams or Zoom and orchestrated by a tutor. Enrolling onto an eLearning course is really easy and simple to access. Firstly, visit a reputable training website and select your chosen course of study.

It is worth checking the awarding body or accreditation when selecting a course as your business may require a certain standard of course content. Another key note to mention is to ensure you read the terms and conditions and the resources needed to complete your online course before you check out. This may include things such as a camera, speaker, wifi and sometimes, a certain type device specification is required to optimise the learning experience.

From there, you will input your personal details such as

  • name
  • email address
  • postal address
  • pay for your course via the varying payment methods available

Often, you will be asked to create a personal account with a login and password, so be sure to remember these. Once the eLearning course has been paid you can now download your content or login and begin your study at your own pace. eLearning courses can be completed over a short or long duration, but ensure you save progress along the way.

To enroll onto a tutor led online course, the first step is to visit a credible training providers website of whom hosts various courses throughout the year. When navigating these kinds of courses, providers may use different terminology such as virtual learning, tutor live learning, online virtual courses or remote training. You will need to find the course(s) you are interested in and then select a suitable date that you prefer to enroll onto.

Don’t forget to check specifications and resources to ensure you have a smooth enrollment. Similar to the above steps for e-learning, you will then be directed to add your personal info, create an account and pay for your chosen course. After this has been completed, the hosting provider will send you information on how to join the course via a document called a joining instruction (JI) or an email from the host. This JI or email will provide the link to join and should be accepted or saved. On the day of the course, click your join link and you will be met by your tutor online who will introduce you onto the course alongside the other learners.

Cons of eLearning 

  • Accessibility is likely the biggest issue to be encountered by delegates when participating in eLearning, typically due to the wrong resource requirements or poor wifi. But, to embrace the digital era and open delegates to other learning opportunities, it may be a chance to upgrade your IT.
  • eLearning is great for learning styles such as auditory or visual, but not so good for those learners who prefer a kinesthetic style.
  • eLearning is typically self-led/taught, and therefore it’s reliant on self motivation and the ability to teach oneself. Although this means you may not have the opportunity to ask questions, it does nurture other ways of learning content.

Pros of elearning 

  • eLearning is literally learning at your fingertips. You can access it and login at any given time, including at home, the train or wherever is convenient for you
  • With so much variety for Health and Safety training, eLearning provides various courses that may not be available within a classroom format.
  • Delegates have the opportunity to spread out their course progression providing a greater level of convenience around everyday life.
  • Often, upon completion, instant results may be available and provide the delegate with the option to download their certificate immediately.
  • eLearning is considered cheaper than classroom courses, but it’s worth bearing in mind the limited support that may or may not be available to you.

How do classroom training courses work? 

Classroom Health and Safety training courses are hosted all over the UK and may be delivered at training centres or what’s known as a satellite centre, such as a hotel or conference centre.

PGL Midlands host over 300 courses across the Birmingham and West Midlands region alone so are certainly thought of as the premier provider within this region. Bookings can be provided either directly via a training provider or offered by donor sites known as brokers.

Nearly all reputable healthy and safety training providers have a website which will display a range of upcoming courses and locations available to book, often with how many spaces remain. To book a space onto a course a delegate or business can either call, email or book online depending on their preference and once the training provider receives the booking a confirmation email or call will follow confirming your space.

Classroom courses are led by a tutor and have specific start and finish times which will be confirmed at the booking stage. Depending on the location, it may be accessible by all forms of transportation or specific types so planning your journey is important. Should any learners require access or learning support, they must contact their chosen provider to ensure their needs are catered for. 

The drawbacks of classroom training 

  • Traveling costs may be higher, but this does provide a much welcome break from your traditional office space for many.
  • More time may be required away from your workplace, but this may be a nice opportunity to reflect on your upcoming tasks and focus on the course at hand.
  • High numbers and spaces may vary, and therefore delegates may feel slightly nervous or unwilling to participate but, for many others, social interaction is a key networking opportunity.
  • Cancellation of courses may occur due to undersubscribed delegate numbers attending; however, it’s always advised to have a plan-b when booking a classroom course should it not go ahead.
  • Although every effort is made to use a variety of learning styles, the reality is, we all learn at different speeds and with one or more learning preferences. Some may find this tricky, but for others, it may give them a chance to explore other learning methods.

Pros of classroom training 

  • Classroom Health and Safety courses provide Interaction with other delegates so the social engagement is great for everyone.
  • During classroom courses it will provide greater opportunities to share real life experiences and open up further discussion between delegates.
  • The ability to ask questions or help is readily available during classroom courses, and often the tutor may notice contrasting facial expressions of confusion or understanding, which may prompt further questioning.
  • A wide variety of facilities may be available at training locations including wifi, food and drinks, hot desks and additional training information. PGL Midlands offer a variety of facilities at our Birmingham and West Midland training centres.
  • During classroom courses the delegate(s) may receive immediate feedback or progress reports, often the same day.

Choose what works for you 

Classroom, eLearning and virtual tutor led courses are open to delegates, and businesses alike, to offer them a preferred style of delivery  or specific choice of location.

Of course, you may prefer one type or use a combination of classroom and eLearning as an example. Either way, whatever works for you, PGL Midlands have it covered.

With Health and Safety training courses available across Birmingham, the West Midlands and East Midlands, our course dates are live and bookable throughout the year. Or perhaps our Health and Safety eLearning courses are a more convenient option for you, explore our website with over 100+ courses and complete at your leisure. Get it touch to find out more.