What is the difference between IOSH & NEBOSH?

The short answer is that IOSH is a Chartered body, while NEBOSH is an examination body.

What is IOSH?

The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health is a registered charity and professional body for Health and Safety professionals. Founded in 1945, the Charities vision is a Safe and Healthy world of work for everyone.  With over 50,000 members across 130 countries, it is truly a global organisation. To further support the Health and Safety Industry, IOSH also provides training in the form of approved courses related to Health and Safety. Notably, the Managing Safely Course and Working Safely, to name just a few.

Is IOSH better than NEBOSH?

This question is often asked, but without context.

The first thing to highlight is that IOSH and NEBOSH are two completely different Organisations. Where IOSH is a Charity and professional body, NEBOSH is an examination board offering a range of Health, Safety and Environmental qualifications only. The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) offers a range of courses from introductory level to professional high level degree qualifications. Both organisations offer qualifications, but the IOSH range of courses are typically a lower level than that of a NEBOSH course, given IOSH’s is 3 days and the NEBOSH general is 9 days in course length. The IOSH Managing Safely course is perfect for perhaps, lower-level management/advisors for Health and Safety hazards in low risk environments.

 How much does IOSH cost?

IOSH has two strands to its bow that require a paid service. The first one is the Professional Membership that grades Health and Safety practitioners based on their qualifications, experience and previous IOSH status (Grade).

Typically, membership levels vary from student up to the highest being Chartered, and therefore costs vary. (£208, £350) 

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The other strand is the offering of Health and Safety courses. The IOSH Managing Safely course can range from £300-£500 (based on UK average) whereas the IOSH Working Safely course ranges from £145-£200). (There are more courses available)

How do I sign up for an IOSH course?

Signing up for an IOSH course couldn’t be simpler. You can either:

  1.  Call our office on 0121 240 0375 and allow our expert team to guide you through which course Is best for you, with dates and costs.
  2.  Email our team on info@pglmidlands.com
  3.  Visit our Training Calendar to find your Managing Safely course in Birmingham and other locations, and click book now
  4.  Or, visit our website for more info IOSH & NEBOSH

Is IOSH a recognised qualification?

Yes, IOSH is recognised by the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) as an awarding organisation (AO) for occupational safety and health (OSH) qualifications.

Understanding NEBOSH

Regarded as one of the most comprehensive qualification providers obtainable within the training sector, NEBOSH qualifications are highly respected by governments, employers and learners, both within the UK and internationally. When selecting a NEBOSH course you must be prepared to undergo a rigorous amount of study to achieve your desired qualifications. The best course for you will depend on the learner’s level and requirements and therefore may select either NEBOSH General, NEBOSH Construction, or NEBOSH International etc..The General is considered an all rounder and a good starting point. However, if you work, or wish to work in the Constructions sector, then selecting NEBOSH Construction is the most likely option for you.

Is a NEBOSH course difficult to do?

Unfortunately, this isn’t a question we can answer for each individual. It is absolutely achievable however for all who wish to study if they are committed to learning and developing their Health and Safety knowledge. But, each course, unless you choose self study, is led by an experienced tutor who will support your learning goals. All courses have an assessment. Most have an open book examination, otherwise known as an (OBE) which enables you to sit your NEBOSH assessment online in your own chosen location. Almost all NEBOSH courses and qualifications are now available with an Open Book Exam assessment, which means you can be in your own home or another safe place.