What is the difference between an Approved EUSR course and other Cable Avoidance Tool Training Courses?

We often get asked, what is the difference between the EUSR Cat One: Locating Utility Services and a standard Cable Avoidance Tool Course that may be in-house or awarded by another approval body. So, we thought we’d try and shed some light on this and arm you with more information to make the right training decision based on your needs.

Who Are EUSR?

Before we start drilling down into some of the insights, we thought it best to introduce you to EUSR first. The Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR) is the online register for training and skills in the energy and utilities industries. It includes individuals who have undertaken EUSR training and/or assessment. When you talk about utilities, you talk about EUSR. They are the leading experts for awarding and approving utilities-based qualifications across excavations, locating, gas, water, and more. If you are considering EUSR-approved qualifications, you’ll be pleased to know PGL Midlands is fully approved, and our market-leading standards are matched by theirs.


What is the EUSR Category One Course?

The EUSR Category One course is for locating utility services. This 6-hour course is designed to provide the very best information and training for all those working in or around buried services, and overheads, to avoid striking or causing damage. Any person can attend and there are no prerequisites. It includes in-depth information about a range of utility-related information and training on cable avoidance tools.


What is the difference between the EUSR Cat One course and others?

Well, let’s start by saying that there are many options available for underground services and cable avoidance tool training. So it all depends on what your reasons for training are and the intended outcomes upon completion. To keep it simple, here is a bullet point list of information that we feel is useful to know in regards to the main difference between EUSR Cat 1 and other courses.

  • Awarding Organisation:

Most cable avoidance courses are typically half a day and in house approved. So the first obvious point to note is that the category one courses are externally quality assured to the highest of standards that match the national occupational standards (NOS). In house courses may be useful for a number of reasons such as time, experienced current staff, or minimal works.

  • Course information:

The Category one course covers extensive information about utilities, the HSG 47, and the wider safe system of work that complements additional training on the cable avoidance tools to gain a greater understanding when locating underground services. This is conducted over 6 hours. So, if you want greater competence, provide greater contact training.

  • Strikes:

Has your organisation had a strike, or several? A near miss perhaps? Or maybe you are trying to write some standard operating procedures relating to services? An approved EUSR course will provide far more information and practical hands-on support than many other courses. Why? Put simply, this is EUSR’s field of expertise.

  • Follow-on training:

Training should not be considered a one-time event. Unlike many other courses, post-completion of the EUSR category one, attendees have the option to then upskill in safe excavating (SAFE DIGGING). These can either be done as individual courses or a combined version.

  • Mandatory:

The EUSR suite of courses surrounding locating and safe digging are now often considered mandatory throughout the UK by main tier one contractors and clients. Not only this, if you are tendering for work that involves underground service contact, this course demonstrates a level above other training.


What is covered on the EUSR Category one course?

Take a look at our course overview for a more comprehensive understanding of what’s covered: EUSR Category 1: Locate Utility Services (HSG47).


Next Available Course Dates:

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EUSR Category 1 – Locate Utility Services (HSG47)
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Will it benefit your business?

Deciding which training to select is always an important choice. We still deliver half-day courses in buried services (Cat and Genny) and have some upcoming dates for those as well. Of course, all training will be beneficial, but we feel this EUSR category will certainly improve competence within any team. Upon completion, you’ll also receive an EUSR photo ID card and access to a free digital app.

EUSR Photo ID Card - EUSR



Next half-day Cat and Genny courses:

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