The Countdown Begins: CSCS Cards Set to Expire in 2024


If you work in the UK construction industry, CSCS Industry Accreditation and the importance of holding a valid CSCS card are likely familiar to you. These cards have been a crucial part of ensuring that individuals working on construction sites have the necessary skills and qualifications. However, there have been some changes in recent years, especially regarding Industry Accreditation (IA) cards. In this blog, we’ll discuss the significant development that all CSCS Industry Accreditation cards issued from January 1, 2020, will expire on December 31, 2024, and cannot be renewed.

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What Are CSCS Industry Accreditation (IA) Cards

CSCS Industry Accreditation (IA) cards were introduced to allow individuals with specific industry qualifications and experience to obtain a CSCS card without holding a formal construction-related NVQ or SVQ. These cards were seen as a way to recognize the skills and experience of individuals who might not have pursued traditional qualifications but were still valuable contributors to the construction industry.

Why the Expiry Date?

The decision to set an expiry date for CSCS Industry Accreditation (IA) cards issued from January 1, 2020. The CSCS scheme constantly evolves to meet industry needs, and this change is part of that evolution. The primary reasons for implementing this change include:

  1. Ensuring Updated Skills: Encourage cardholders to regularly update their skills and knowledge to meet current industry standards.
  2. Aligning with NVQ/SVQ Framework: CSCS has traditionally placed a strong emphasis on NVQ and SVQ qualifications as they provide a robust measure of an individual’s competency.
  3. Enhancing Safety: The ultimate goal of CSCS is to improve safety on construction sites.

What Does This Mean for IA Cardholders?

If you currently hold a CSCS Industry Accreditation (IA) card issued after January 1, 2020, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Expiration Date: Your IA card will expire on December 31, 2024, and it cannot be renewed. This means that after this date, you will not be able to use your IA card to gain access to construction sites or prove your qualifications.
  2. Transition to NVQ/SVQ: You will need to obtain a relevant NVQ or SVQ qualification. How? See the following handy guides:
    1. Black Card IA holders: Card_flowcharts_black_manager.pdf (
    2. Gold Card IA holders: Card_flowcharts_Gold_supervisor_new.pdf (
    3. Blue Card IA holders: Card_flowcharts_Blue_skilled.pdf (
    4. Gold Advanced IA holders: Card_flowcharts_Gold_advanced.pdf (
  3. Plan Ahead: Plan ahead now and complete the qualification before your IA card expires. Still not sure on what to do – call us on 0121 240 0375 for hassle-free advice! Have more questions? FAQs

What To Do Now?

Contact PGL Midlands – we’re an approved NVQ provider. S/NVQs can be achieved in as little as 8-12 weeks, but can take longer depending on the availability of evidence and application. View our NVQs for more information. Don’t forget, CITB have also increased the grant for Supervision and Management VQs £600 to £1,250 and £1,500 respectively to take the sting out.

Final Thoughts

The decision to set an expiry date for CSCS IA cards issued from January 1, 2020, reflects CSCS’s commitment to competency in the Construction industry. While this change may require some individuals to pursue additional qualifications, it ultimately benefits the industry and personal professional progression.

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