Advantages of on site health and safety training


Ensuring the competence of employees is not merely a legal obligation but a cornerstone of a thriving workplace. Conducting health and safety training on-site at your premises brings a host of benefits. In this blog, we’ll explore into the reasons why on-site training is a great option for your business.

On Site Health and Safety Training

Regular reviews of health and safety training needs are pivotal in maintaining workplace competence. By conducting training on-site, employers can gain vital qualifications and ensure that businesses remain compliant whilst receiving some of the great benefits from conducting training at your own location. So what are they?

Cost reduction benefits

On-site health and safety training can significantly contribute to cost reduction. Eliminating the need for employees to travel for training sessions not only saves on transportation costs but also minimises the impact on productivity. In-house training programs offer a cost-effective solution without compromising the quality of instruction.

Minimal loss of time benefits

Time is a precious commodity for any business, and the more time that employees can spend at their facility, the more productive the organisation can be.

Tailored training benefits

The beauty of on-site health and safety training lies in its adaptability. PGL’s can be either accredited, non-accredited, or bespoke to you. This ensures that the training is not a generic checkbox exercise but a tailored approach to address the specific risks and challenges faced by your employees.

Internal networking and team bonding benefits

On-site training brings all of your team together in one space. In essence, it’s an internal networking event where each team member can more easily approach management, colleagues, and counterparts from other teams.


Conducting health and safety training on-site is not just a checkbox for legal compliance; it is an investment in the strength of your workplace. The benefits are multifaceted — from ensuring competence and compliance to tangible advantages like cost reduction and time efficiency. In the run-up to Xmas, now is a great time to think about booking some of our courses for the Dec 23 and Jan 24 period, and keep those skills up to date and ready for the next year ahead. There are many options available, including one-day courses or two ½ day courses in a day. Whatever the need, we’ll be able to help!

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