The Advantages of Designing a Customised Training Course for Your Business

A one-size-fits-all approach when training your employees is not always the most impactful or relevant course choice. Designing and delivering a customisable training course unique to your business is more popular than ever.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the advantages of creating a customised course and how to go about it.


What is a customised course?

A customised course, often referred to as a bespoke or tailor-made course, is a learning programme that is specifically designed and developed to meet the unique needs, objectives, and context of a particular individual, organisation, or group of learners. As most describe this type of course as bespoke, we’ll use this terminology within the blog.


What are the advantages of a bespoke course?

Why go bespoke? Here are 3 main reasons why:

  • Increased productivity:

    Skill-building happens more naturally when your courses speak directly to your employees’ everyday experiences and challenges. This leads to higher productivity levels.

  • Personalised: 

    Bespoke courses can include real examples, case studies, and scenarios relevant to your business. This makes the content more relatable and compelling.

  • Cost-effectiveness:

    Although the initial investment might be higher than ready-made solutions, the long-term return of a bespoke course more than justifies the cost.


How do you create effective course development?

The ADDIE model (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) is a widely recognized framework for instructional design. Customised training lends itself well to the ADDIE model, allowing for a systematic and iterative approach to course development.

  • Analysis

     Identify the specific needs, goals, and constraints of your business.

  • Design:

     Design a training programme tailored to address the identified needs.

  • Development

     Create the training materials, incorporating your forms, and templates.

  • Implementation

    Roll out the training programme to your employees.

  • Evaluation: 

    Continuously assess the effectiveness of the training through feedback, performance metrics, and real-world application.

Addie Model Image


Who do I get to design and deliver a bespoke course?

Of course, the answer to this must be PGL Midlands. Take a look at our recent bespoke course design and delivery for a large contractor looking to develop a greater understanding of buried services to their staff – it was a great success and one of the many testimonials that shows why we’re a market leader in this area.

So how do we go about creating your desired course programme? Here’s a very brief peek:

  • Firstly, we hold a meeting with key stakeholders to understand their vision, need and goals. We’ll look to draft some learning outcomes and create a mood board
  • From there, we’ll start to design the course around your criteria, embedding process and templates whilst touching base with you along the way via our SharePoint hub
  • Once developed, a final sign-off meeting to run through all products and then we deliver, or you can deliver internally!
  • Roll out the training programme to your employees.
  • Post-delivery, a full evaluation is conducted with any refinements made.



In conclusion, designing a customised training course for your business offers a multitude of advantages that extend beyond generic, off-the-shelf solutions. The personalisation of content, cost-effectiveness, alignment with organisational objectives, and the integration of your forms and templates contribute to a more impactful and relevant learning experience. By applying proven models like ADDIE, businesses can ensure a systematic and effective approach to course development, enhancing employee engagement, motivation, and ultimately, the success of the organisation.


Case Study One – Provider and Author: D. Mee

In the world of construction and development, working around buried services is a critical yet often challenging aspect of any project.
One wrong move can lead to significant disruptions, safety hazards, and costly delays.
Recognising the paramount importance of equipping professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge, our team recently had the opportunity to partake in a bespoke training course crafted for us and conducted by PGL Training.

Understanding the Need

Before delving into the intricacies of the training programme, it’s essential to highlight the context and the precise requirements that led us to seek such specialised training.
In our line of work, dealing with buried services—such as pipelines, cables, and other underground utilities—is a common occurrence.
The potential risks and complications associated with this aspect necessitated a tailored approach to training that aligned perfectly with our operational demands.

Tailored to Perfection

Enter PGL Training—a reputed organisation known for its expertise in delivering bespoke courses to meet specific industry needs.
From the initial consultation phase to the delivery of the course, their approach was marked by a keen understanding of our requirements.

Customised Curriculum

The standout feature of the course was its tailored curriculum.
Recognising the diversity in our team’s roles and responsibilities, PGL Training meticulously crafted a syllabus that catered to everyone’s needs.
The sessions covered a broad spectrum of topics, including:

  • Identification and interpretation of service plans and utility maps
  • Risk assessment and safety protocols when working around buried services
  • Practical demonstrations and exercises for hands-on learning
  • Case studies and real-life scenarios for comprehensive understanding

Impeccable Coordination and Delivery

PGL Training’s commitment to excellence was evident not only in the content but also in the flawless coordination and delivery of the course.

Expert Facilitation

The trainers brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.
Their ability to elucidate complex concepts in a clear and engaging manner resonated well with all participants.
They fostered an interactive environment that encouraged active participation and facilitated a robust exchange of ideas and best practices.

Real-world Application

One of the highlights was the emphasis on practical application.
The trainers seamlessly integrated theoretical knowledge with hands-on exercises.
This approach allowed us to simulate real-world scenarios, honing our skills in identifying, assessing, and working around buried services in a controlled environment.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Moreover, PGL Training exhibited commendable flexibility throughout the course.
They adeptly adjusted the pace and depth of the sessions based on the participants’ comprehension levels, ensuring that no one was left behind and that everyone gained maximum value from the training.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the bespoke ‘Working Around Buried Services’ course orchestrated by PGL Training stands as a shining example of a training programme perfectly tailored to our needs.
From the customisation of the curriculum to the impeccable delivery and real-world applicability, every facet of the course was meticulously crafted to elevate our team’s competency in this critical domain.

Date of Testimonial: 09/01/2024