Streetworks: Unit 1 (LA) – Location and Avoidance of Underground Apparatus

The New Roads and Street Works Act refers to legislation in the United Kingdom that governs the planning, coordination, and execution of street works and the maintenance of road networks. Commonly this is known as either Streetworks or NRSWA. NRSWA places a strong emphasis on the safety of workers and the public. It outlines safety measures and training requirements for those involved in street works. Over the coming weeks we’re going to break down each of the 16 units and give you a greater understanding of what’s involved and how to go about booking your training. We’ll focus on the operative units and provide you with the Supervisors Equivalent unit when relevant.

The first unit we are going to explore is Unit 1 – (LA) – Location and Avoidance of Underground Apparatus.

Undertaking Streetworks within the public domain necessitates a heightened level of expertise, particularly when dealing with the labyrinth of underground utilities. Accidental damage to these crucial components can lead to service disruptions, personal safety dangers, and financial repercussions.

Unit 1 (LA) – Location and Avoidance of Underground Apparatus provide training and information when identifying and avoiding underground apparatus during Streetworks operations. The unit is designed for anyone working in the public highway that is required to use a CAT & Genny (or equivalent locator) to locate and identify underground apparatus and is for both Operative and Supervisor. The course reflects national standards and industry best practices and is fully accredited.


What is Taught on This Unit

  • New Roads and Streetworks Act.
  • Risk assessment detailing the importance of accurate location of underground services.
  • What apparatus is buried under the ground, and interpretation of plans and maps, including recognition and purpose of street furniture.
  • Identifying duct and cabling.
  • How to use cable detection equipment in all modes, and to fully understand its limitations.
  • Practical use of equipment.


Duration of Training

One day course and can be booked as a single unit or as part of the 5 day Operatives or Supervisors Streetworks course.


Assessment Methods:

Assessments form the backbone of this training with written assessments and practical confirmation exercises in a real-world environment.

Registration on the Streetworks Register:

Participants who fulfil the requirements are eligible for registration on the Streetworks Register. This registry serves as a testament to their competence and adherence to industry standards.


How to Book:

There’s a few ways you can book your LA Streetworks courses.

  1. Give our expert team a call to discuss your preferred date and location options. We have courses all over the UK.
  2. Drop our team and email detailing your enquiry
  3. Visit our website and search for Streetworks. You’ll find all course information and an option to book. Or, visit our Training Calendar for dates and locations.