PGL Midlands Wins Business Training Award 2024!

PGL Midlands is thrilled to share that we’ve won the Business Training Provider Award for 2024 from the Business UK Awards! This is important for us and shows how much we care about providing great training to businesses.

Quote from Ben, our Managing Director:

It’s amazing to win. It proves how hard our team works and how much our clients trust us.

  • We wanted to offer training that really helps businesses. We’ve been working hard to make sure our training fits our clients’ business’s needs.
  • This win is thanks to everyone at PGL Midlands. Ben says, “Every person in our team played a part in this. It’s because of their hard work and dedication that we’ve done so well.”


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Future Plans
Looking forward, we’re excited to keep improving and helping businesses reach their training goals. Ben thinks winning this award is just the start. He says, “We’re proud of what we’ve done, but we’re not done yet. We’re ready to do even more for our clients.”
As we celebrate winning this award, we want to thank our clients for supporting us and our team for working so hard. This award pushes us to keep aiming for greatness in business training.

The Journey

Reflecting on our journey, we’ve seen how important it is to listen to our clients and understand their needs. That’s why we’re always evolving our training programs to meet those needs. We believe in offering practical solutions that make a real difference to businesses.

Vision Statement

Ben’s ethos has been crucial in shaping our company. He’s always had a clear vision of what PGL Midlands should be – a company that delivers Quality Training Fullstop.

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead, we’re filled with excitement about the future of PGL Midlands. We see winning this award as a stepping stone to even greater achievements. We’re committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients and helping them succeed in their training goals.

Appreciation and Conclusion

Our success wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our clients and the dedication of our team. We’re truly grateful for their trust and hard work. We’re also grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact on businesses through our training programs.

In conclusion, winning the Business Training Provider Award is proof to the dedication and hard work of everyone at PGL Midlands. We’re proud of this achievement, but we know our journey is far from over. With our clients’ continued support and our team’s dedication, we’re excited for what lies ahead.