PGL Training Academy empowers organisations to upskill and develop their internal Training capability or is equally suitable for individuals looking to expand their Trainer or Assessor competence.

We have a wide range of courses or ‘upskilling programs’ available offering you the opportunity to receive and deliver a range of Regulated or In-House Training qualifications to a gold standard.

There are 3 routes in which you can become part of the PGL Train the Trainer Academy.

Route One:

Undertake formal Regulated qualifications in Teaching and Assessing. These courses are externally accredited and ofsted Regulated and will provide all Tutors with proven recognised UK qualifications. We will be running several Level 3 Award in Education and Training (AET) courses frequently throughout the year which is the first step into teaching in the Adult Learning Sector. Additionally, we’ll also be running various Assessing qualifications.

Route Two:

Our Train the Trainer route is suitable for our clients who want to deliver Training courses internally. Join our PGL Academy and we will equip your chosen Tutors with the skills, knowledge and aptitude to deliver highly interactive and credible courses with various Training support materials. Each Tutor must attend one 2-day course which will be in their chosen subject and include a Train The Trainer segment and micro delivery. Tutors whom successfully pass this 2-day option can then attend any other 1-day course only.

Route Three:

This route is suitable for those experienced Tutors who already hold a formal Teaching/Assessing qualification and want to add more courses to their personal tuition catalogue. Simply enroll onto any of our ‘Train The Trainer’ one day courses.

Please note, PGL have no Awarding Body influence and any aspiring Trainers looking to deliver courses commercially are governed by their competence requirements.


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