How to choose the right fire safety course

What does the fire safety course include?

When undertaking Fire related training courses, the contents may vary depending on the level of course you intend to study. However, they have a common thread of objectives that must be taught.

Typically, the first segment of most courses is to introduce the legalities that are associated with that particular course so those attending recognise the importance of why they are there, from both an employer and employee perspective.

Once the candidates have gained an acceptable level of understanding on this course it then moves more towards understanding what is required for a Fire to start known as the fire triangle (Oxygen, fuel and heat) and then how it may spread (Convection, Conduction, Radiation and Direct). The next stop is to be aware the reason fires may start and the hazards involved with a Fire. This is particularly poignant as hazards relate to risk assessments and during any Fire related courses, candidates are given supporting information about a Fire risk assessment.

It covers the basics and how effective controls can eliminate or reduce a Fire risk and that’s largely the last part of most courses – how to implement controls and what controls are necessary. This covers everything from emergency plans, Fire media and alarms to Fire wardens and marshals, and more…..

Depending which course you are doing, will depend on how much information is given for each objective. Of course, if you’re doing a Fire warden/Marshal course with a practical element, at some stage you would go outside to a safe area, under safe conditions, and tackle a small bin sized Fire (Typically using a fire simulator) to give you the confidence when using a Fire extinguisher.

Why is fire safety important?

Whether it’s an organization or a residence, a group of individuals or a single person, if a fire starts it can have disastrous consequences. We have seen many times the serious impact a fire has and can have on workplaces and residential buildings, inducing high-rise. Fire safety not only has legal requirements, but it also has moral demands – we must protect and look after our workforce and loved ones!

Fire safety courses we offer

PGL Midlands offers a variety of Fire related courses that includes:

Fire Awareness – This is a basic awareness course to help your workplace safe and learn about the risks that Fire poses to health and safety.

Fire Warden/Marshal – On this course you will learn about preventing Fires, and about the different types of Fire extinguisher and how to use them correctly in addition to supporting the safe system of work from a work pace by acting as a competent fire warden/Marshal

Fire Warden/Marshal with practical – Same as the above, but this time with the safe use of Fire Simulator and real time experience extinguishing a Fire.

Fire Awareness eLearning – This is a basic Fire Awareness course but from the comfort of your computer, at home or at work.