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In the construction industry, safety is non-negotiable. The CITB Health and Safety Awareness Course is key for those entering this field. This blog explores the course details, duration, assessments, and the coveted Green Labour CSCS card.

Health and Safety Awareness (HSA) Course Content

The HSA course covers a variety of basic Health and Safety requirements relevant to the Construction Industry, which include:

  • Health and Safety Law: Understanding the legal framework in construction.
  • Hazards and Risks: Recognizing and managing potential dangers.
  • Site Safety Signs: Interpreting and responding to on-site signs and signals.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Proper use of protective gear.
  • Manual Handling: Techniques for safe lifting and handling.
  • Working at Heights: Preventing falls and associated risks.

Duration and Format

The one-day course delivers a comprehensive overview of health and safety principles. Participants must pass a multiple-choice theoretical assessment to confirm understanding. This course can be delivered in a classroom, on site, or online and will be certificated for 5 years upon completion.

How to get Green Labourers CSCS Card

Completion of the HSA course and touch screen test grants eligibility for the Green Labour CSCS card. This card validates a person’s commitment to safety and is often a prerequisite for employment in construction.

What is the Touch Screen Test?

A test for a basic level of health, safety, and environmental awareness which is at a test center. This test is required when applying for the Labourer card, the Trainee card, the Apprentice card, most Blue Skilled Worker cards, and most Gold Advanced Craft cards.

More information: CITB Health, safety & environment (HS&E) test and alternatives | Official CSCS Website

How to apply for a CSCS card?

More information: Applying for CSCS cards | Official CSCS Website


The CITB Health and Safety Awareness Course provides a solid foundation for safety in construction. With practical assessments and the Green Labour CSCS card, participants not only enhance their safety awareness but also gain a valuable credential, opening doors to opportunities in the evolving construction industry.

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