CITB Health & Safety for Directors


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CITB Health & Safety for Directors

The CITB Health & Safety for Directors course is aimed at people who are entering or are already working in the construction and civil engineering industry. The course provides candidates with an understanding and awareness on the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees and the general public. The course covers their responsibilities and duties and what they should do if somebodies health and safety is compromised.

During this course candidates will learn:

  •  Why they carry out their identified duties
  • What exactly is expected of them in their role
  • How they should contribute to the health and safety in the workplace

On completing the course candidates will understand:

  • The need to prevent accident
  • Health & Safety law
  • How their roll fits in to the safe management of the working environment
  • The need for risk assessments
  • Their obligation to report unsafe working practices
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CITB Health & Safety for Directors 

This course is recognised by BuildUK for all directors working on BuildUK sites.

It covers:

CITB Health & Safety for Directors covers Moral and human costs and the implications of decisions made in the boardroom
The economic implications of an unsafe working environment
Legal responsibilities with regards to health and safety
The principles and importance of the risk assessment process
Acquiring competent health and safety assistance and the limitations of such an appointment
The basic tools of introducing a proactive health and safety culture
The course also includes publications, registration, certification and lunch and refreshments.

Teaching and assessment


This is a highly interactive course taught through case studies, classroom discussion, group work and individual or group presentations.


You will need to attend all eight hours
Multiple-choice test.

Qualifications you gain

CITB Renewable five-year Site Safety Plus certificate.

Call for details : 0121 240 0375