PGL Midlands and Murray and Willis Skydive Charity Fundraiser Raises Over £4,300 for Lighthouse Charity

We are thrilled to share the success of our Skydive Charity Jump for the Lighthouse Charity on the 25th of May! Thanks to the incredible support of our staff, trainers, and supporters, we exceeded our fundraising goal of £3,000 and raised an astounding £4,300! This achievement was made possible by the joint efforts of the PGL Midlands team and the Murray and Willis team. Here’s a look back on our unforgettable journey:

Before the Jump 🌞

On the bright and sunny morning of the 25th of May, our team gathered at SkyDive Langar, joined by our fellow jumpers from Murray and Willis, buzzing with a mix of excitement and nerves. As the clock ticked closer to our jump time, we shared encouraging words and focused on the reason behind our leap – supporting construction workers and their families through the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity.

Before the Jump

After the Jump ✈️

Leaping out of a plane from 15,000 feet is an experience like no other! The freefall was an adrenaline-pumping rush, and once the parachutes deployed, we were treated to breathtaking views of the landscape below. Safely back on solid ground, the sense of accomplishment was amazing. Each team member was grinning from ear to ear, basking in the excitement of the jump and the satisfaction of knowing our efforts made a significant impact.


🪂 Testimonials of the Team🪂

  • Ben
    Ben: “I’ve never felt more alive! The skydive was incredible, and I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved for the Lighthouse Charity. A massive thank you to all of our staff, trainers, and supporters!”
  • Andy
    Andy: “The skydive was absolutely amazing! Jumping out of the plane and feeling the rush of the wind was unforgettable. Thank you to everyone who supported us and our friends and family who cheered us on!”
  • Anton
    Anton: “The jump was an amazing experience, but knowing we were making a real difference for those in need made it truly unforgettable. Thank you to everyone who donated and supported us!”
  • Emily
    Emily: “The rush of the skydive was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, but the best part was knowing our efforts are helping families in the construction industry. Thank you to all of our supporters!”
  • Sarah
    Sarah: “Jumping out of that plane was one of the most terrifying yet worthwhile experiences I’ve ever had. I’m so grateful for the support we received; we couldn’t have done it without you!”
  • Ben
    Paris: “The skydive was incredible, and knowing we’re supporting families through Murray and Willis and PGL Midlands makes it even better. Big thanks to all our supporters!”

Our Ongoing Commitment 🌟

Your generosity has allowed us to soar above our initial fundraising goal, and we are deeply humbled by your kindness and belief in our cause. The Lighthouse Charity is close to our hearts, and we remain committed to supporting their mission of providing support to construction workers and their families.

🔗 If you haven’t already, you can still contribute to our cause and help us raise awareness and funds. Every donation makes a difference: Donation Link

📸 Stay tuned for more content, including videos and pictures of our team’s skydive! We can’t wait to share these moments with you all.

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