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    Health and safety at work Summary statistics for Great Britain 2021 – Key facts Health and safety at work is extremely important. The way your employees feel when coming to work, both in regards to safety and their physical health will determine how well they perform their jobs. In this
  • All about cat & Genny
    All about CAT & Genny ( Cable Avoidance ) The risks of accidental cable strikes need to be considered when performing operations involving underground services. Strikes can cause life-threatening injuries to workers and cause serious financial damage to companies. Employers must ensure that all efforts are made to prevent this
  • Mental Health Awareness Week
    Mental Health Awareness Week Help and advice on how to cope with loneliness and improve your mental health Dealing with loneliness can be difficult. But there are things we can all do to cope with loneliness and prevent some of the negative feelings and mental health problems that can come
  • NPORS Logo
    All about NPORS There are several different options for training on plant machinery and equipment. We are featuring one of the biggest names in the field, NPORS, in today’s blog. We explain how NPORS and the card scheme work, and how their flexible training can streamline the process of acquiring
  • first aid
    First Aid Courses with PGL Midlands Accidents happen no matter how safe you think your workplace is. During the 2018-19 work year, more than 581,000 people suffered workplace injuries, and 111 people died at work. In order to satisfy their legal duty to their employees, employers must have the necessary
  • CPCS Logo
    All about CPCS Any construction worker who operates plant machinery needs the necessary training and qualifications. Construction equipment is extremely dangerous if not handled properly. If used incorrectly, it can cause serious and even fatal injuries. CPCS is a card and training scheme that was created as part of the
  • sssts blog
    What is SSSTS? Do you need a qualification that proves you’re qualified for a site supervisor position? The CITB SSSTS is for you! In today’s blog, you will learn about how this training will help you prepare to become a construction site supervisor. What does a site supervisor do? Construction
    Posted on 27th April 2022 by Nathan What is SMSTS? If you wish to enhance your skills and knowledge when it comes to managing health and safety on construction sites, an SMSTS course is a great place to start. The focus of this blog is on what this training entails
  • FaceFit TTT Logo
    Fit2Fit: Face Fit Testing & Training with PGL Midlands Educating workers on the proper use of respiratory protection equipment (RPE) has never been more important. It is crucial, however, that the equipment be fitted correctly and tested before it can be effective. Testing the fit of respiratory masks is the
  • Fire Marshal Course
    What Type of Fire Extinguisher Do You Need? What is a fire extinguisher? Let’s start with the basics: fire extinguishers burn small fires in an effort to prevent them from spreading. Different substances are used to extinguish fires in different types of extinguishers. A fire extinguisher’s effectiveness will depend on
  • Pgl Midlands 30
    What is Asbestos? Contact with asbestos is one of the biggest health risks workers face when working on older construction sites. Every year, thousands of people die from asbestos-related illnesses. As a provider of asbestos awareness training, this is featured on today’s blog. Let’s take a look at what their
  • How often should health and safety training be carried out?
    How often should health and safety training be refreshed? Business owners and managers ask us “how often should health and safety training for my employees be refreshed?” This is a big question and as with all things relevant to the health and safety of emis, “How often should I refresh

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